The adventures of Procrastination and the spiral of doom (plus tips and tricks to overcome it)

Talkin’ bout procrastination. Maybe it’s the season. As summer ends and the weather gets cooler and shittier, we are reminded of our goals yet to be accomplished, or begun as the case may be.

There seem to be more articles on social media and in my inbox on the subject. A recent piece in The Atlantic offers a helpful reminder that procrastination is a “doom cycle” propelled by hmmm….feeeeeelings and thus is not necessarily a failure of one’s time-management strategy.

Another piece, from Ashlee Christian at the Freelancer’s Union, delves into the worry mindset that often fuels procrastination and what to do about it. One of her several great suggestions is to make lists! of your worries. You can then decide whether each is justified or not and take action accordingly.

Charlie Gilkey notes that writers seem to suffer from procrastination more than others. Good ole writers’ block. Writers get stuck at the starting gate he says, because they don’t think think they can finish their project, creating (again) a vicious cycle. His solution is clean, simple, and doable. Write 300 words.

Finally, procrastination can also be useful. I mean, we’re not supposed to be task-completing, constantly productive robots who always get shit done. The human body wasn’t designed to do the same thing, all day, every day. I think it’s so important to accept your need for diversion and distraction and to find a way to work with it, not against it. The brilliant and hilarious Marie Forleo offers great tips on following through that includes building dabbling into your schedule without allowing it to take you totally off-task.

At the heart of it, procrastination is a kind of self-sabotage and we know it somewhere in the depths of our sou – oh holy shit, this cat is pooping in a human toilet!

When you’re done the video, leave a comment about what specific strategies you’ve used to counter the destructive spiral that is procrastination:

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